Project Description

Vodafone & Google

The brief
Vodafone and Google jointly commissioned Bold Creative to carry out extensive qualitative research with 13-18 year olds, to inform their strategies for helping young people build resilience in the digital world. Digital media, technology and the Internet play an increasingly powerful role in the lives of young people. Alongside the benefits there are many challenges arising in the public domain that Vodafone and Google sought to identify and respond to. These challenges include cybersecurity, cyberbullying, sexting, irresponsible social sharing and managing digital footprints.

What we did
We designed and led a lengthy process of insight gathering, which consisted of three workshops with four groups of young people across England discussing and sharing their good and bad experiences online. Bold, in consultation with an Advisory Board of leading academics and psychologists, developed an insight report, recommendations and documentary film. Based on this research we are now prototyping offline and online tools and materials that can be used by schools, community groups, youth workers etc. All the tools and materials have one aim, to build resilience and wellbeing in young people’s digital lives.

The findings from this insight project are being used to inform the creation of resources that will help promote a healthy use of digital media for young people.

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Martin Orton workshop