Project Description


The brief
The BBC’s Creative Director Allan Yentob commissioned Bold Creative to ‘re-imagine’ the title sequence for the returning series of his flagship arts and culture programme ‘Imagine’. The objective of the refreshed look was to directly appeal to and grow a younger audience.

What we did
Bold Creative collaborated closely with Alan Yentob to generate ideas around the creative process of the mind. The idea behind the titles sequences had to both distil and visualise the very essence of the word ‘Imagine’ and also reflect the broad content of the series, music, poetry, film, dance and art.

The final idea used animation to visualise the journey of an idea, from birth through to completion. Far from portraying only the polished end product, the title sequences visualized a sketchbook development process of an idea, from the unassuming beginnings of a simple line or ink spot to how that can lead to the creation of a whole new world.

Bold created six beautifully animated title sequences that were used for broadcast on Alan Yentob’s Imagine. The titles won a commendation at the Design Week awards 2010.

Design week awards