Project Description

The brief
Bold Creative were commissioned before the release of the iPad 1 to create a pioneering app that would bring to life Oliver Jeffers’ bestselling book ‘Heart in the Bottle’ on this new digital platform. HarperCollins wanted to deepen readers engagement with this much loved story with a level of digital interaction never seen before.

What we did
We wanted to build an app which captured the original spirit and charm of the ‘Heart and the Bottle’ but would also give the reader a fresh new experience of the story. By working closely with Oliver Jeffers we created bespoke pieces of illustration, animation, interactive tasks, discoveries and surprises on every page of the app. The beautiful illustrations were a perfect foundation on which to build this interactivity, hooking the reader in and deepening their emotional involvement with the story whilst engaging and entertaining them along the way.

• The trailer for the app created a storm of activity on social media sites, generating over 50,000 hits on YouTube within days of its release and hailed as the app that “moves picture books into the digital era” (YouTube viewer)
• The Heart and the Bottle app for iPad immediately shot to the number one slot in the iPad Books category of Apple’s App Store
• Two weeks after its launch the app was named Apple iTunes Store’s ‘App of the Week’