Project Description

Teach First

The brief
Teach First had completed a lengthy and insightful piece of research around educational disadvantage. They needed to find a way of presenting this information in a creative and engaging way for multiple audiences.

There was also misconception that Teach First was Government body and not a charity. The organisation lacked public awareness for Teach First as a key player in addressing educational disadvantage in the UK

What we did
The first step was to work closely with the communications team at Teach First to explore the various ways in which the research findings could be presented. Discussing and brainstorming the findings, audiences, objectives and desired outcomes together meant we, at Bold, had a solid foundation on which to develop a creative solution.

It was clear the most compelling way to present the findings was to bring them to life with personal stories. So by marrying the hard facts with real life stories we were able to engage the audience on emotional level which would have by far the greatest impact.

With the approach in place we worked directly with teachers and young people from across the UK to produce content for a multi-platform campaign which included info graphics, animations, short documentary films and a website. It was imperative the content was honest and reflected young people’s real life experiences so we worked on the ground with them to ensure we represented their experiences truthfully.


  • The campaign created a storm of activity on Twitter, with over 500,000 shares in 5 days
  • The films were shown at 50 Teach First events across the country, including 10 year anniversary events at the House of Lords and Royal Festival Hall
  • The Teach First website was subsequently re-branded and rebuilt, utilising the campaign content we had