Project Description

The brief
Bring to life the ‘Beginner’s Guide for Young Social Entrepreneurs’ in a way that is thoughtful and engaging using print design, illustration and interactive exercises for 16-21 year olds who received an award from UnLtd. The guide was to act as a resource for them to support their journey from the start-up phase of developing a social venture.

unltd-book-small  Unltd handbook work thumb 300x214  Unltd handbook Case study page 300 x 214

What we did
With just four weeks to make a 104 page handbook from scratch, we worked in a tight team and set up a creative production pipeline for each chapter. We ran daily brainstorm sessions to conceptualise individual themes and original illustrations.

Working closely with the client, we used the waterfall approach to turn these concepts into page layouts and start the design process. Using Adobe Photoshop to refine the illustrations and InDesign to assemble the book, we created a modern, youthful but very grown-up look and feel.

We created a set of bespoke characters brought each and every page of the book to life and encouraged young people to interact with the handbook exercises as they worked their way through the UnLtd workshops.

The completed 104 page handbook provide young Unltd entrepreneurs with not just an exercise book, but an interactive blueprint to shape their own futures and refer to for years to come.


Not long after the first batch of handbooks left the press, a further 1000 more copies was ordered… it went down a storm! The handbook is now used in conferences as a reference point for UnLtd’s work with young social entrepreneurs across the country.