Project Description


NSPCC & Childline

The brief
As part of their ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign Nickelodeon wanted to produce four short animations that explored the impact of bullying amongst children aged 6-11. To ensure the films appealed to this young audience the stories needed to reflect the ‘real life’ experiences of children just like them.

What we did
In order to develop truly engaging and relevant creative content for this audience we needed to fully understand bullying and its impact amongst this age group. Therefore we conducted in-depth insight research with the target audience. This included a series of UK wide primary school workshops, where children were interviewed one-to-one and in groups to encourage discussion around the different manifestations of bullying in the UK schools’ environment and its impact on both the individual and their wider peer group.

From this research we were able to gain real insight into the different experiences and perspectives on bullying which led us to structure the creative around three key perspectives: the bully, the bullied and the witness to the bullying. We selected four personal accounts to reflect these persectives and brought them to life using animation.

The animations were broadcast as part of Nickelodeon’s ‘See Something Say Something’ annual CSR campaign in November 2009 and reached an audience of over three million.


  • The animations received significant endorsement from opinion formers in many different industry sectors, including charity, advertising and media.
  • Bold has won three acclaimed awards for the ‘See Something, Say Something’ films
      • BAFTA for Children’s Short Form
      • UNICEF Children’s Award
      • PROMAX Gold