Project Description

The brief

The Human Rights Education team of Amnesty International Secretariat (AI) approached Bold to produce their first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) aimed at teaching young people worldwide how to defend against human rights violations. They also wanted all the learnings captured in a set of brand guidelines for future MOOCs. The turnaround time was fast, the budget was lean and they also needed brand strategy thinking before we could start on production.

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What we did

Working often remotely, as the AI team were located across six countries, Bold started with a brand strategy phase to help streamline their wish list of materials and lead the creative approach of all assets.

We produced a series of six animations all linked together to form a narrative based game i.e., learners could watch a short animation, answer questions about what they saw and debate what could happen next before the next episode was released. We suggested a comic book style for these animations, thus cutting down the number (and therefore the cost) of individually drawn animation-cells. We offered to produce PDF versions of these films for those locations with bandwidth too small to play films – a style beautifully suited to comic book animations.

We also made three longer animations called ‘Mastering Rights’ which each explained the freedom of association, expression and assembly. This required delicate scripting as we had to stay truthful to the legal framework of these rights, whilst making the language jargon free and accessible to all – including non-native English speakers. Then followed the production of a 30 sec promo, which we later cut down and delivered as a mute version for use in social media. Lastly, we scripted and produced an explainer video using AI staff who acted as introducers to the MOOC.


AI’s initial target for registrations was 12,000 but this pilot MOOC generated 40,000 sign ups. Internally our working practices and quality of work has been widely praised, securing a contract for at least one additional MOOC per year. The brand strategy thinking and brand guidelines have been adopted and are now being used to help shape and evaluate all activity from the Human Rights Educations division.

Emilie White, Education Technology & Communications Adviser for Amnesty International

“You were the perfect team to work with, professional and committed. You went above and beyond, and you made it feel like we were in it together, which I think is a rare quality! I felt I could depend on you absolutely and throughout you laughed in the face of pressure and delivered top quality.”

Emilie White, Education Technology & Communications Adviser for Amnesty International