Project Description

University College London Hospital

The brief
Two out of the sixteen floors at UCLH are exclusively dedicated to young people’s inpatient services, there is also an under 18’s outpatients unit. Despite this the UCLH website lacked content and information exclusively for their adolescent and paediatric department.

Therefore Bold’s challenge was to create a new website that would prepare a young person for their first visit to hospital. We needed to address the negative perceptions surrounding a hospital visit by communicating what things are really like at UCLH, answering common questions to ensure the website was the first step in overcoming their anxieties and fears.

What we did
With social networks at an ever growing rate of popularity amongst adolescents we asked, ‘If UCLH was a social network what would it look like?’ This question pushed us to explore how interactive and personalised the website could be whilst still remaining manageable for UCLH administrators. This enabled us to create an overarching structure for the site from which we could build the content.

Our designers and illustrators worked directly with children and staff on the ward to capture the nuances of the environment and talk directly with patients about the developing designs and website structure making them active participants in the direction of the final designs which ensured we created a design that was relevant and appealing.

Authentic content was crucial to this website. Therefore we ran several workshops with existing patients to identify their stories, experiences and the many questions they had about their hospital visit. This insight enabled us to determine the real strengths of the hospital through the eyes of young people. It informed the content strategy for the website, how photo, video, and text could be used together to effectively communicate UCLH’s messages. This included nine films ranging from what it’s like as an outpatient through to life in the teenager cancer unit. All of which were powerful, real life experiences told through the young patients themselves.

Best Website at AHCM’s 2012 Communicating Healthcare Awards
Best Digital Communications at the 2013 IVCA awards.