Project Description

Barts and The London Hospital NHS Trust

The brief
Design and build a dedicated website for children visiting Bart’s and the London children’s hospital (BLT). It should aim to help expel the myths and anxieties that children often feel about going to hospital for treatment or an extended stay in the wards.

What we did
Barts is the first point of contact for some of the sickest and most injured children in the London area. Therefore it was important that we reflected the hospitals services in the most sensitive way.

To ensure we got this right Bold ran a series of interactive and creative workshops with existing patients to explore the ‘touch points’ of children going to hospital. By gaining a better insight to the stresses, fears, anxieties, experiences and hopes children felt we were able to generate an approach to the new website that would really connect and appeal to the target audience.

Bold created a website ‘full of real life experiences’ that was informative, fun, comforting and inclusive. Using video diaries and animated documentaries we were unable to show what it’s really like to be patient at the hospital in a non-threatening way. Topics ranged from why children shouldn’t be scared of needles and medical procedures, through to the experience of coming into A&E.

Bold hosted a launch event in conjunction with the BLT, attended by the children, families, staff, local health and educational organisations, a celebrity host and local media.

The warm and engaging website is continually used by staff and families to support the children throughout their stay in hospital.