Project Description

British Heart Foundation

The brief
Children’s British Heart Foundation (CBHF) has a growing online community of children following Artie Beat, a friendly heart shaped character who encourages children to eat healthily and keep fit.

Building on Artie’s success in Series One, The British Heart Foundation (BHF) recommissioned Bold Creative to create another five, one-minute animations, targeting children aged 5-12 years.

The objective of this second series was to extend the reach and appeal of Artie, and in turn drive traffic to

What we did
The approach for Series Two was to empower children at home and at school to be as healthy as possible and encourage them to have their own ideas about how they could achieve this. Each of the animations needed to promote this proactive thinking and speaking out – take control, act now, get healthy.

Series Two also needed to be grounded in real life scenarios which would be recognisable to the children. What new environments could Artie Beat explore? What new missions could he undertake? Where might he find children in need of a helping healthy hand? All of these formed the basis of our new animations.

Our team of animators and illustrators created storyboards and animatics to depict the overarching narrative, from which we then built the deeper storylines, fine-tuned the messages and add poignant moments in the plot to maximise engagement. Artie Beat was brought to life using 2d vector animation.

Narrator, sound effects and music were also used to make the animations as immersive as possible for children.