Project Description

Meadowside Children’s books / Parragon Books ltd

The brief
Bold were asked to create an iOS App for Il Sung Na’s award-winning ‘A Book of Sleep’. The app needed to build on the book’s success by creating a unique and soothing bedtime experience for young children.

The challenge was to create a user experience that did not deter from the original beauty and charm of Il Sung’s original artwork and simple narrative. Therefore, the use of technology needed to be carefully considered in order to remain loyal to Il Sung’s work. Our aim was to add relevant functionality that was useful for parents and comforting for their children. Anything gimmicky was strictly off brief.

Most importantly, we were not aiming to replace the parent at bedtime but attempting to foster a new, shared experience of the book to help settle young children for a good night’s sleep.

What we did
To ensure the young readers remained engaged with the story, we needed a central character to guide them through the app. By using Il Sung’s owl character on every page we were able to bring him to life as our storyteller, playfully taking the child through each of the pages. The child would be able to share the owl’s curiosity, discovering together the fascinating and beautiful animals each with their own quirks and characteristics.

Interactive touch points were developed to deepen the experience with each of these animals, and through repetition and reward we were able to maximise engagement. Repetition of the interaction allowed young users to enjoy the satisfying and soothing moments of the scene over and over again, something they relish at this age.

Reward was used subtly and appropriately within the app. By touching all the animals in a scene the child is able to send them off to sleep one by one. Once all the animals are asleep, the reward is mellow music. This was chosen carefully to set the soothing tone but also to provide an atmospheric and immersive experience that could take young minds completely away from the events of their day.

We placed parents in the driving seat by giving them the option to choose the level of the app suitable for their child. For example, ‘read on my own’, ‘read to me’ or ‘movie of sleep’. We also added an ‘OK to wake’ alarm which features all of the children’s favourite animals from the story. Finally, ‘hush little owl’ becomes the child’s bedtime companion; peacefully sleeping with a cycle of warm colours fading in the background as the child sleeps. If owl detects prolonged loud noises in the room, he wakes up and the parent’s personalised ‘comfort words’ can be played to the child.

Bedtime – there’s an app for that!

User Testimonials

This is beautiful! *****
“My daughter loves it – and the sleep soother is essential for sleep deprived parents”

Brilliant *****
“I can’t fault this app. It’s absolutely brilliant – and really beautiful too”

Awesome audio experience *****
“Perfectly read night time book for kids. Soothingly warm and friendly addition to our bedtime routine”