At Bold we work in partnership with the UK’s most progressive organisations connecting their brands with young people through innovation, storytelling and brilliant design.

Why? Because we are driven by the desire to improve the education, information, and entertainment young people receive through the brands, products and campaigns they consume. By making their voices heard we can help our clients create stuff for young people that is relevant, engaging and useful.


“The ‘Paddington Bear’ app is a beautiful new way for parents and children to read and experience my story together. I am delighted with it.”
Michael Bond Author & Creator of Paddington Bear
“Bold know how to run insight projects which translate into truly innovative campaigns for young people”
Paul Cording Vodafone
“The panel were completely taken with this work, it’s a triumph of storytelling”
BAFTA Judging Panel
“The Wrong Trainers is the jewel in the crown of BBC programming”
Anne Gilchrist CBBC Controller
“Bold’s film was made for our annual fundraising event which raised over £1m, the film was a key factor in the success of the night “
Rhian Johns Impetus
“What continuously amazes me about Bold is their ability to always understand the latest trends amongst young people and create truly innovative and engaging campaigns”
Anjum Shabbir Government Digital Services


At Bold we believe that by listening and understanding young people better, we can build more inspiring connections between them and the brands, products and causes they care about. We talk and listen to young people on their terms, in their environments. We hear clearly what young people are saying, and how they say it, so we’re in tune with how they think and behave – personally, socially, politically and as consumers. This gives us valuable insight into the issues close to their hearts, into their motivations and attitudes. So when a client asks us what do young people want and how can my brand/cause reach and connect with them, we not only know how to get the answer, we know how to do it authentically and with credibility.
Knowing your audience is only half the picture. Turning that insight into innovative ideas that make an impact is where true success lies. So, armed with first hand audience insight, our keen innovative minds, an eye for great design and effective user experience, we work directly with clients and young people to generate great ideas and real solutions that will drive positive change.
insight + innovation = impact – our ideas make a difference. The Bold way of talking to, listening to, understanding and communicating with young audiences always produces the goods; iPad app of the week, two BAFTAs, a Promax Gold and the coveted Prix Jeunesse mean we are not just all talk.